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Minoxidil in Singapore: The Complete Guide to Prices, Types, and Where to Buy Minoxidil 2024

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Minoxidil is a medication that was originally developed and used as a treatment for high blood pressure. However, it was discovered to have the side effect of increased hair growth. As a result, topical minoxidil solutions started being used as a treatment for hair loss and to stimulate hair regrowth.

Minoxidil comes in different formulations, usually as a liquid solution or Foam. It can slow and prevent hair loss in both men and women when applied directly to the scalp. It works by stimulating blood flow and nutrients to the hair follicles, reversing the miniaturization process seen in pattern baldness.


Regaine is the brand name for Minoxidil byJohnson & Johnson. It is one of only two FDA-approved medications for hair regrowth, with finasteride being the other. Today, Minoxidil is widely regarded as an effective first-line treatment for hair loss. It has become popular with both men and women looking to halt hair loss and regrow hair.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about using Minoxidil for hair loss in Singapore, including cost, types, application methods, efficacy, side effects, precautions, and where to buy Minoxidil products made specially for the Singapore market.

How Much Does Minoxidil Cost in Singapore?

Minoxidil costs can vary greatly in Singapore, depending on the type of product you purchase. Here is an overview of typical pricing:

  • Generic minoxidil liquid is typically the most affordable option. Generic brands usually range from $20 to $40 for a one-month supply. Popular options are Kirkland and Tugain from India
  • Brand name: Minoxidil Liquid: More expensive than generic, usually $50–$80 for a 1-month supply. Rogaine is the most well-known brand.
  • Minoxidil foam is newer than liquid products. Brand-name foams like Rogaine Foam tend to cost $90-$110 for a 1-month supply. Generic foams are slightly cheaper at $70-$90.
  • Prescription products require a prescription from a doctor. Brand name options like Regaine tend to cost $100–$150 for a 1-month supply.
  • Hair loss clinics: offering their own branded products, these tend to be the most expensive. A minimum of $100–$150 a month is expected.

In summary, minoxidil costs range from $20 per month for generic liquid up to $150 per month for specialized clinic products. Factors like brand, formulation, and whether a prescription is required impact pricing.

Types of Minoxidil Available

Minoxidil comes in two main forms: liquid and Foam. Both are available in varying strengths, typically 2% and 5%.

Liquid Minoxidil

Liquid Minoxidil generally comes in a dropper bottle. The liquid tends to be messy and needs to dry completely before styling your hair. However, it can cover a larger surface area. Liquid Minoxidil is available in generic and name-brand versions, like Rogaine and Tugain.

Foam Minoxidil

Foam minoxidil comes in an aerosol can and produces a foamy texture that is easier to apply than the liquid. It dries faster, so you can style your hair sooner after application. The fog doesn’t spread as easily, however. Like the liquid, foam minoxidil also comes in generic and brand-name formulations.

2% vs 5%

Both liquid and foam minoxidil are available in 2% and 5% concentrations, respectively. The 5% is considered more effective for regrowing hair, while the 2% is mainly for maintaining and preventing further hair loss. However, the 5% solution may cause more side effects for some people.

Generic vs Brand Name

Tugain is the most well-known brand-name version of Minoxidil from Cipla Ltd India. Generic minoxidil products contain the same active ingredient but are typically cheaper. They offer the same effectiveness at a lower cost. Both generic and brand-name minoxidil work the same, provided they are purchased from reputable sources.

What application method works best?

When it comes to applying Minoxidil, you have two main options: liquid or Foam. Both have their pros and cons to consider.

Liquid Minoxidil


  • Liquid tends to be cheaper than Foam. You can get more applications per bottle.
  • Some report that it’s more effective at regrowing hair than Foam. The liquid can penetrate deeper into the scalp.


  • It contains propylene glycol, which can irritate sensitive skin for some users.
  • The liquid drips and runs, so it can be messy to apply. You’ll need to be near a sink.


  • Use the dropper applicator to place 1 mL directly onto your scalp in the thinning areas. Gently massage in with your fingers, and wash your hands afterwards.

Foam Minoxidil


  • The foam consistency makes application cleaner and easier, with no drips.
  • Foam formula often does not contain propylene glycol, so that it may be better for sensitive skin.


  • Foam is typically more expensive per application than liquid versions.


  • Dispense a half-capful of Foam onto your fingers and gently massage into thinning areas once or twice daily. There is no need to wash your hands afterwards.

When choosing liquid or Foam, think about your budget, sensitivity, and convenience. Don’t be afraid to try both to see which application method works best for your needs and routine. Proper application is key to getting the best results from Minoxidil.

How Long Does Minoxidil Take to Work?

Results from Minoxidil are gradual and take time to develop. Many users start to notice the first changes in around 4 months. However, it may take up to a year to see the full effects.

Generally, results from Minoxidil can be broken down into 3 stages.

1-4 Months: At this early stage, some users may notice the slowing or stopping of hair loss. However, many may not see noticeable changes yet. Be patient and consistent with applying Minoxidil at this stage.

4–8 months: This is usually when the regrowth of new hairs becomes visible. The new hairs will initially be fine, colourless vellus hairs. With continued use, they will thicken up and transition into regular-coloured hairs. During this stage, you can expect to see modest regrowth.


8–12 Months: The full effects of Minoxidil will become evident during this stage. The growth from earlier stages is enhanced with potentially thicker and fuller coverage. Maximum regrowth is usually achieved around the 12-month mark. However, to maintain these results, continued use of Minoxidil is recommended.

The key is consistency and patience when using Minoxidil. Give it at least 6 months before evaluating whether it’s working for you. Take before and after photos to better assess your progress over time. While most will see the full benefits in 12 months, some may respond sooner or later.

Side Effects of Minoxidil

Minoxidil is generally well-tolerated, but some people may experience side effects. The most common side effects are:

  • Skin irritation: Minoxidil can cause itching, redness, dryness, scaling, dermatitis, and other skin reactions in the treated area. It is more common with the topical solution than the Foam.
  • Unwanted hair growth: Minoxidil can stimulate hair growth elsewhere on the body, such as on the cheeks or forehead. It goes away once treatment stops.
  • Heart palpitations: Minoxidil can cause a rapid heart rate or palpitations in some people. It typically subsides once the body adjusts to the medication.
  • Dizziness: Some people report feeling lightheaded or dizzy when first starting Minoxidil. It usually resolves within a few days.
  • Swelling: Facial swelling or oedema can occur but generally go away once the body gets used to Minoxidil.
  • Headache: Minor headaches are an occasional side effect of Minoxidil. These are temporary.

People who should stay away from Minoxidil include:

  • Have heart conditions due to the potential for tachycardia and other cardiac effects.
  • Have skin conditions: Those with eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, or irritation should not use Minoxidil to avoid exacerbating the skin condition.
  • Anyone allergic to Minoxidil or propylene glycol (an ingredient) should avoid using them. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash and swelling.
  • The safety of Minoxidil for pregnant and nursing women has not been established. It’s recommended that they avoid using it.

Most minoxidil side effects are mild and temporary. But, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and stop use if any adverse reactions occur.

Precautions When Using Minoxidil

Minoxidil is generally safe when used as directed, but there are some precautions to keep in mind.

Proper Application

  1. It’s important to use it correctly. Don’t forget to read the instructions and follow the dosage. Applying too much or too little Minoxidil may affect results. It’s also essential to apply it to dry hair and scalp. Using it on wet hair can dilute the solution and make it less effective.
  2. Only apply Minoxidil to the areas of the scalp that are affected by thinning hair. Please do not use it on other parts of the body. Spread the solution evenly over the scalp 1-2 times per day. Let it fully dry before styling your hair or going to bed.
  3. Make sure you wash your hands after applying to prevent accidental spread. Seeing results may take 3–4 months if you’re consistent and patient.

Consult a Doctor First

While available over-the-counter, it’s wise for some individuals to consult a doctor before using Minoxidil. Those with underlying medical conditions or who take medications that may interact with Minoxidil should speak to a physician first.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid using Minoxidil, as the effects on fetuses and infants are unknown. Individuals with cardiovascular issues should use it cautiously, as Minoxidil may cause fluid retention or changes in blood pressure in some cases.

Anyone experiencing severe side effects or reactions should stop using Minoxidil right away and see a doctor for an evaluation.

Note:- Consulting with a dermatologist can help determine if Minoxidil is suitable for your hair loss situation. 

Where to Buy Minoxidil in Singapore

Minoxidil is available from a few different sources in Singapore:


The most common place to buy Minoxidil in Singapore is at pharmacies such as Watsons, Guardian, or Unity. You can typically find the 2% and 5% liquid or foam solutions here without a prescription. Just ask the pharmacist, and they should be able to point you to the right product. The major pharmacy chains usually have competitive pricing on Minoxidil.

Online Stores

Another option is to buy Minoxidil online from e-commerce sites like Seatownpharmacy, Lazada, or Qoo10. There are often sellers offering Minoxidil on these platforms, sometimes at even cheaper prices than pharmacies. Just be sure to check that the seller is reputable and be wary of products shipped from overseas, as you want to ensure authenticity and freshness.

Things to Look Out For

  1. When purchasing Minoxidil, always check the expiration date to make sure it’s not expired or close to expiring.
  2. Please inspect the packaging to ensure it’s been properly sealed and doesn’t look tampered with.

Only buy from trusted sellers, and be cautious of prices that seem too good to be true. Counterfeit or diluted Minoxidil may be ineffective.


Hair loss can be effectively treated with Minoxidil. However, there are some potential side effects.

Key takeaways for Minoxidil

  • Minoxidil costs between $25 and $60 in Singapore for brands like Regaine and Kirkland. Generic versions are cheaper.
  • The main types are 2% and 5% solutions in liquid or Foam. Higher-percentage solutions tend to be more effective.
  • Liquid applications are easier to use, but Foam is less messy and may have better absorption.
  • Average minoxidil results take 3–6 months. Make sure you apply it consistently.
  • Common side effects include scalp irritation, unwanted facial or body hair, and shedding when first starting use. Reduce the dosage if side effects occur.
  • Only obtain Minoxidil from licensed pharmacies and follow dosage instructions carefully. It should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Major retailers like Guardian, Watsons, and Lazada offer Minoxidil. Some telemedicine sites also provide it with an online consultation.
  • Grow Foam is a new topical spray with minoxidil, finasteride and growth factors for a comprehensive hair loss treatment.

In summary, Minoxidil can be an effective part of a hair loss treatment plan if used properly under medical guidance. Before beginning an application, weigh the benefits and drawbacks and talk to a doctor.

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