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Your privacy is very important to us, therefore we have created this privacy statement to explain how and why we collect your data and to ensure that it is secure with us. No matter what, we never divulge your information to a third party. Your information is safe with us, and we take all reasonable steps to keep it safe from online criminals. Your data won’t be misused or shared with third parties, according to our privacy protection method.

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We at Company Seatownpharmacy are committed to giving you the highest level of protection for your personally identifiable information, medical information, and digital data as described in our Privacy Policy. You agree to adhere to our site’s privacy policy by using our website and its services. Before using our website, we advise you to read our privacy policy. You ask not to use our website if you disagree.


  • We will communicate and establish the various purposes for which the data is being requested before or at the time we receive personal data. To foster confidence, we’ll continue to be transparent.
  • Your information will be gathered and used strictly for our approved purposes. You will never be prompted to give your information to a third party. The procedure of collecting data is intended to be used for operational objectives with a customer’s official approval or as required by law.
  • Your information will be kept on file by us for as long as necessary to fulfill the above reasons. Your data will be removed from our system when it has served its purpose. However, we can keep the data on hand until the transaction is finished.
  • Following the law and with the customer’s formal consent, we will gather the data needed to fulfill specific processes.
  • We are dedicated to securing and protecting your personal information against theft or loss of data, attempts at unauthorized access, improper disclosure, unauthorized use, etc. utilizing cutting-edge online safety protection software.
  • We also make sure that information on policies, guidelines, and other data management practices is readily available to customers.
  • We are committed to safeguarding the private data provided by our clients at all times.
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