Refund Policy

Seatownpharmacy is here to offer our clients around the world flexible and hassle-free refund procedures, the company hopes to provide the finest purchasing experience. You can quickly request a refund for an order as long as it complies with our refund standards. You have seven days from the time you receive the order to ask for a refund.

The purpose of the return policy is to simplify the refund process for our customers. We make sure that our customers experience no difficulties while requesting a refund. Our top concern is making sure that our customers receive the product in good condition and with no inconvenience. But if they do need to ask for a return, our simple refund policy will undoubtedly be helpful. This policy gives clear principles that specify when a consumer may or may not request a refund.


  • If a consumer receives the incorrect product, we accept full responsibility for the return. Either we arrange a reshipment at no additional cost or we refund your money.
  • You can start a refund request if the goods you receive are defective or past their expiration date. To ensure a smooth refund process, please send our customer service staff images of the goods and their specifications.
  • Our shipping crew (Shipping Policy) makes every effort to fulfill orders on time, but in rare instances, if we are unable to do so, you may request a refund as long as the delay was not caused by a pandemic or a natural disaster.
  • If the product is sent to the incorrect mailing address, you cannot request a refund. To avoid such issues, we kindly ask you to carefully check your mailing address while placing the order.


  • The incorrect delivery address provided
  • Partial use of the item
  • Not physically present while getting the goods; ordered the incorrect item; batch number did not match the item; returned because of a change in prescription
  • If you provided the incorrect address and there are delays in your shipment, you cannot request a refund. In certain circumstances, we can offer a reshipment, but the shipping costs are your responsibility.
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